How does "Pick A Product" Work?


Pick A Product is a member perk that comes with the Standard Goodbeing Box (not available on the Mini Goodbeing Gift Box plans) where members can choose 1-2 of the products they receive each month out of a selection. The Pick Window is available via link in your Member Dashboard. We also send an email reminder each month. Standard Goodbeing Box Members can pick up to 2 items.  Where 2 Picks are available, members may choose 1 (one) product from Section 1 & 1 (one) product from Section 2. 

Each month, we will make products available to choose from for Standard Goodbeing plans. Some months will allow 1 pick, some will allow 2.  Some months there may be 3 items to choose between, other months there may be 12.  Some are items you may have received before, and can pass over or choose again, others will be new. The choice is yours. Keep in mind that in addition to what you pick, you may receive other items listed in future boxes, based on your Member Profile. Quantities of each are limited so pick early for the best selection. 

Don't want to pick or missed your pick window?  No problem.  We will assign all of the items in your box for you, using your Member Profile to choose items from the available selections that are most likely to be a fit.

Firm Pick Windows: Picks can ONLY be made during your pick window.  Once it's closed, it's closed and your box is already in process.  After each pick window closes, we get to work making your Goodbeing box. Once your pick window closes (based on the dates in your Pick Email and the chart below) changes to your pick can't be accommodated. An exception to the "no changes once Pick Window closes" rule arises if your previous month's box arrives AFTER your pick window closes and you received an item that you chose for your next box.  If this is the case, please email us as soon as possible so we can try to edit your box before it is shipped.  

Please note: Our product assignment system is complicated. The Pick a Product feature may experience occasional hiccups due to technical issues (bugs happen) and unforeseen inventory issues. This means there is a chance you will not receive the product(s) you have picked for a given box. When this happens, the system defaults to assign based on your profile, choosing the most appropriate items from available products. Due to this possibility, we cannot guarantee that you will receive the items you pick for each box. If it is discovered that you did not receive a Pick, we will do our best to include it in your next box selection where inventory remains available. If no longer available, we will provide alternative options for you to choose from.

Didn't receive your Pick Email? Please check your Spam Filter, then email us at and we will make sure your updated email is on our list.

Where we have the option to choose 2 (two) items, you may Pick 1 (one) from Section 1 (one) and 1 (one) from Section 2 (two).

Only pick during your Pick Window. Picks or changes outside your pick window can't be accommodated.  If you Pick before the prior month's box arrives, and you happen to pick something that was assigned to you already, you have until the end of the pick window to make a change to your selection.  You can also drop us an email to edit your selection.

New & Gift Members Please Note: If you join or claim your gift between the 1st and 4th of the month, the prior month’s picks will be open but do not apply to you. Please refer to the chart below for your Pick Window for your first box. You will also receive an email reminding you to pick. Selections made from a prior month’s picks will be overridden.

Members Dates Time
Existing Personal & Gift Memberships  12th - 17th Opens 12:01am PST on 12th
Closes 11:59pm PST on 17th
First Box - Joined/Gift Claimed 1st- 10th 12th - 17th Opens 12:01am PST on 12th
Closes 11:59pm PST on 17th
First Box - Joined/Gift Claimed 11th - 31st 2nd - 4th  
of following month
Opens 12:01am PST on 2nd
Closes 11:59pm PST on 4th

Quantities of each product available vary and not all products will be available to all members. Pick A Product is first come, first served, with limited quantities available for each product. We review all preferences in Member Profiles in choosing the products each month, and where applicable, customize according to your selections. Some of the items on the Pick Your Product page may be among those assigned, in addition to the selected item. The items you pick will be included in the standard 4-5 items you receive each month and are not considered bonus items. 

Prefer to be totally surprised? When the "It's Time To Pick" email hits your inbox, you can choose to not click through to the Pick A Product page and the surprise will remain intact.

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