How does "Pick Your Product" Work?


Pick Your Product is a free member perk where members can choose 1-2 of the products they receive each month out of a selection. The Pick Window is available via link in your Member Dashboard. We also send an email reminder each month. All Members can pick 1 product from Section 1 & one product from Section 2. 

All Members: Only pick during your Pick Window. Picks or changes outside your pick window can't be accommodated.

New & Gift Members Please Note: If you join or claim your gift between the 1st and 4th of the month, the prior month’s picks will be open but do not apply to you. Please refer to the chart below for your Pick Window for your first box. You will also receive an email reminding you to pick. Selections made from a prior month’s picks will be overridden.

Members Dates Time
Existing Members 12th - 14th Opens 12:01am PST on 12th
Closes 11:59pm PST on 14th
First Box - Joined 1st - 10th 12th - 14th Opens 12:01am PST on 12th
Closes 11:59pm PST on 14th
First Box - Joined 11th - 20th 22nd - 24th Opens 12:01am PST on 21st
Closes 11:59pm PST on 23rd
First Box - Joined 21st - 31st
+ Gift Members
2nd - 4th following month Opens 12:01am PST on 2nd
Closes 11:59pm PST on 4th


Quantities of each product available vary and not all products will be available to all members. Pick A Product is first come, first served, with limited quantities available for each product. We review all preferences in Member Profiles in choosing the products each month, and where applicable, customize according to your selections. Some of the items on the Pick Your Product page may be among those assigned, in addition to the selected item. The items you pick will be included in the standard 4-5 items you receive each month and are not considered bonus items. 

Prefer to be totally surprised? When the "It's Time To Pick" email hits your inbox, you can choose to not click through to the Pick Your Product page and the surprise will remain intact.

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