How do I cancel a membership?



Regular Memberships can be canceled at any time, however, there are cancel deadlines to be aware of to prevent further dues from being processed.  To cancel a Regular (non-gift) Membership, Monthly or Multi-Month, please login to your Member Dashboard and navigate to Manage Membership. 

Gift Memberships are non-cancelable.

Please note: Once you have paid for any type Goodbeing Box (membership, gift, bonus, sale, or limited edition), we are unable to issue a refund.

MEMBERSHIPS: Dues are collected upon joining for the first box, and that box is put into the fulfillment process and cannot be canceled. Thereafter, dues are processed between the 2nd and 7th of the month, regardless of the date of sign-up.  This means if you join at te Memberships must be canceled BEFORE the 1st of the next billing period.  Multi-month memberships are collected in full at sign-up.  Cancellations received on after the 1st of the renewal month will be applied to prevent the next renewal.

- Monthly Plans can be canceled to prevent the next month's dues from being processed and a box from shipping, however, the cancellation must be completed BEFORE the 1st of the next billing month.  To prevent the next box from shipping, Monthly Plans must be canceled before the 1st of the next billing period. Multi-Month (pre-paid for more than one month) memberships can also be canceled at any time.  Cancellations received on after the 1st of the renewal month will be applied to prevent the next renewal.

- Multi-Month Plans are processed at the time of joining and cannot be canceled for the duration of their term or refunded, however, they can be transferred to a new recipient.  Multi-Month Plans can be canceled to prevent them from renewing at the end of the term purchased. If boxes remain unshipped at the time of cancellation, the remaining balance of boxes for that multi-month membership will still be shipped ship for the duration of the term, however, the Membership will not renew once that term is complete if canceled before the 1st of the renewal Month.  Cancellations received on after the 1st of the renewal month will be applied to prevent the next renewal.

It's hard to judge whether the service is a fit after a single month since products do vary month to month. We recommend trying the service for at least 3 months before canceling to determine if it's a fit for you. This way, you will see the variety over a few months to give you a good sense of what the service is like.

Please note: Canceling a membership on or after the deadline to cancel has passed will not halt dues being processed not generate a refund for dues recently processed. The last box paid for will be shipped to the address on file as of the 15th of the billing month.

For example: For a membership canceled on 2/2, the cancel deadline to prevent the Feb dues and March box has passed as of 1/31. The last dues would be processed between 2/2-2/7/. The last box to be shipped would be the March box, shipped the first week in March. The deadline to update the shipping address would be 2/15.18.

The chart below sets forth the cancel deadlines for each month:

Cancel Deadline    Next Dues & Box to ship


1/2 / February Box


2/2 / March Box


3/2 / April Box


4/2 / May Box


5/2 / June Box


6/2 / July Box


7/2 / August Box


8/2 /September Box


9/2 / October Box


10/2 / November Box


11/2 / December Box


12/2 / January Box

NEW MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE: Your second month's dues may be processed before you receive your first Goodbeing Box.  If this is a concern, we recommend either placing a Hold on your account prior to the 1st of the following month or canceling before the 1st of the following month.  This way, you will avoid being charged again before you receive your first Goodbeing Box.  If you have canceled, you can always re-activate your membership.  Keep in mind, when re-joining or removing a Hold, there is a chance one month will be missed or certain products may no longer be available, depending on the date of reactivation or plan change.  The closer to the first of the month, the better odds of not missing a shipment.  A change later in the month may result in a month missed.

Gift Memberships: Gift Memberships are non-cancelable and non-refundable.  If for the Giftee (recipient) does not wish to continue receiving the boxes from their Gift Membership, the Giftee or Gifter (giver) can request that the remaining boxes be given to another person. If a Giftee changes their mind about a Gift Membership, it must be canceled the same day it is purchased to be canceled.  If Email Gift Message has been set to be sent immediately, the Giftee will need to be contacted to advise them that their gift has been canceled.


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