Goodbeing Membership Benefits

Are you an active member receiving Goodbeing boxes?  Good news! You get tons of awesome benefits.
  • Free Shipping
  • Customized selection of products picked for you based on your member profile
  • Generally double value of what you pay in each box
  • Discounts on single deluxe and bonus boxes (generally, sometimes we cannot give them) 

  • Exclusive set of special offers (up to 50% off) applicable to many of the products included (though not all of them) which will be valid anywhere from 1 week to 60 days, depending on the brand's policies

  • Pick A Product - a member perk that comes with the Standard Goodbeing Box where members can choose 1-2 of the products they receive each month out of a selection

  • 20% off all Standard Goodbeing Gift orders.  Discount will be applied retroactively in the form of a 20% refund on qualifying Gift purchases. Refund will be given 24-48 hours after gift is purchased. Program started 11/15/17 and cannot be retroactively applied.  Discount does not apply where another promotion is used. *Regular Member = You have a personal, recurring membership in place that you created for yourself.

    Rewards program - earn free products just for being a member. Learn more here. 
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