Regular vs. Gift Memberships


There are basically two types of membership available at Goodbeing:

1.  Regular Memberships - These are personal memberships, set up by the purchaser for themselves that automatically renew at the end of each term.   Regular Members get a few extra perks due to the nature of this is an automatically recurring membership, including:

  • A price break with a 6 month pre-paid termT
  • The ability to put Monthly memberships on hold
  • 20% off Gift Memberships
  • Coming soon, the ability to earn Member Rewards

2.  Gift Memberships - These are memberships purchased for someone else for a set term which does not automatically renew.   They are available in 1, 2, 3, 6 or 12-month increments.  

Gift Memberships should not be used for or combined with a Personal Membership as the system is not set up this way.  Every membership, whether Gift or Personal, must have it's own email address for the account to function properly. 

If you have a Personal Membership and receive a Gift Membership as a gift, please let us know so we are able to edit your account to allow your Gift Membership to be shipped in place of your Regular Membership for the duration of the Gift Membership term. 

If you only have a Gift Membership and receive another Gift Membership, make sure both fall under the same email address or you will have two accounts in the system which will result in duplicate shipments and repeat products.

Note - If you are giving Goodbeing to someone else, always use the Gift Membership option.  If you are getting Goodbeing for youself, always use the Regular Membership option, not the Gift Membership option.  Doing otherwise may result in account errors.


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