Products that are not a fit, don't work for me, allergic reactions, etc


As a trial and discovery service, the goal of the Goodbeing service to provide a selection of products, pre-screened to exclude a host of potentially unhealthy ingredients and tested for performance, for you to test, to see if they are a good fit for you.  Equally important to finding new favorites is determining what items do not work for you.  Just because the formula is generally healthier than another more conventionally made product does not mean it will be compatible.  Just as sensitivities can be caused by ingredients known to have potential health effects, reactions can also be caused by products with a higher concentration of more natural or healthier ingredients.  We are all unique!  

Use this opportunity to identify things like what shades do and do not work for you, what ingredients may be incompatible for your skin or hair and the like.  This will help to narrow the field and prevent full size, more expensive purchases of products that may not work well for you.  

For example, makeup products that are not quite the right shade (foundations, BB creams, concealers) will allow you to test texture, compatibility and performance and later, choose a better shade for your skin color.  Products that you have a reaction to can be used to help determine what ingredients to avoid in the future.  

Due to this being the nature of the service, and one of it's benefits, paired with the very low cost per item compared to paying retail to test a product, we do not provide replacements for products that are not a fit, cause an allergic reaction or are incompatible with your skin, hair, etc.  

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