What if I need to change the address where my Goodbeing box ships to?


Goodbeing boxes are shipped to the address exactly as it is entered in your Member Profile.  Any errors or changes are the responsibility of the Member.

Address change due to a move:

If you have moved or are planning to move, or have a new temporary address, your Goodbeing shipping address must be updated PRIOR to the 15th of the month PRIOR to shipping.   

Login to your account to change the address of your Goodbeing box.

Address changes must be made by the 15th of the shipping month PRIOR to shipping to take effect for the next shipment.

Example 1:  A box to ship by July 7th must have the address updated by June 15th.  

Example 2: Dues processed on 2/2 for the March Box.  The deadline to update the shipping address would be 2/15 and the box would ship by March 7th-10th.

If an address is not changed by the 15th of the PRIOR month and the Goodbeing box is not forwarded to the new address, we reship a box for a $12.00 for the Standard Box and $5.00 for the Mini Box.

We also recommend implementing mail forwarding with USPS, however, this is not a foolproof method of making sure your Goodbeing box is shipped to the new address. If the address is not updated before the 15th of month PRIOR to shipping and your Goodbeing box was shipped to your old address, despite a mail forward, there is a $12.00 charge to ship a replacement Standard Box, and a $5.00 fee to reship a Mini Box.  We recommend checking with both your old and new post office, as well as the tenants at the old address to try to recover your box first. 


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