Do you have Vegan only boxes, how do you define Vegan and are the products Cruelty Free?


Vegan Products:

Due to the difficulty in sourcing quality, high performance Vegan beauty products that are formulated with healthy, sustainable ingredients (and not just junk that happens to be Vegan), members choosing to receive Vegan products in their Member Profile may receive products that contain beeswax or other bee based ingredients. Products selected for Vegan members will not contain ingredients derived from milk, eggs, lanolin, cochineal beetles (Carmine), pearl, silk, animal by-products or any other non-vegan ingredients.

Cruelty Free Products:

Goodbeing supports Cruelty Free beauty products and is opposed to animal testing for both finished products and ingredients. We screen each brand to try to ensure no brand we work with is currently engaged in animal testing or using ingredients currently being tested on animals.  However, not all brands are certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny.  The Leaping Bunny standard is "no new animal testing in any phase of product development by the company, its laboratories, or suppliers." While many brands not certified by Leaping Bunny may meet this standard in terms of the finished products they sell and the ingredients currently being used, the actions of the laboratories and supplies they may work with (not owned by them) have not been verified to be Cruelty Free.

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