How does the sign-up process work?


Click here to Join Goodbeing.  You will first be directed to a page to create an account with a User Name and Password.  Next, you will choose the plan that best suits you and enter your payment details.  Your first payment will be processed upon joining.  Re-activated accounts are also processed immediately. Member dues for a first time box or first box after reactivation are non-cancelable and non-refundable. Monthly boxes are shipped by the 7th of the following month for those who join between the 1st-10th. For those who join between the 11th and end of the month, the first box will ship between the 5th-10th of the following month.

Subsequent monthly payments will be processed between the 1-7th of the following month, regardless of the date of sign-up. This may mean that you pay for your 2nd box before receiving your first.  This is our standing billing window after the first month.  If you prefer not to be billed for your second box before receiving your first, consider choosing the Every Other Month Plan.  Once your payment details have been entered, you will be re-directed to complete your Member Profile, where your shipping address and information about you is collected to help us source appropriate products and select items for your Goodbeing box.



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