Who is Goodbeing for?


We focus on product over presentation, quality over quantity, and work to provide a compelling mix of high quality, high performance products each month. If you love green beauty, natural wellness, healthy personal care and sustainable living, Goodbeing is for you.  If you care about healthier ingredients, enjoy supporting smaller, more conscious companies, and understand that more is not always better, Goodbeing is for you.  If you understand that healthier, more sustainable products often cost a little more than conventional products, Goodbeing is for you.  If you want cleaner, non-toxic products and just don’t have time to do the research yourself, Goodbeing is for you.  If you want a service you can rely on to send tried & true products for you to test before you buy, Goodbeing is for you.  If you’re open to trying new things (and perhaps finding things you never though you’d use but love), Goodbeing is for you. We welcome you!

We like to set realistic expectations.  The products received will be mostly trial and travel size or deluxe samples.  Some boxes will include a full size product, but not all of them.  Some will contain sample sachets, but always enough for several uses.  Average minimum box value will be $40-$45, with some months being substantially higher, others closer to average. Values may vary substantially month to month and member to member based on member preferences, which we do our very best to honor.  If you opt out of items that tend to be higher value (makeup, for example), or have a very specific profile with a limited range or interests and concerns, your average value will likely be lower.  We hope you love everything, in every box an find new favorites, however, every product, every month might not be a hit and finding what does not work for you is just as valuable as finding new favorites. This is the nature of a trial and discovery service and we hope you love the adventure and share products with friends and family when they aren't right on the money for you. Enjoy!

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