What can I expect to receive in my Goodbeing box?


Goodbeing is first and foremost a healthy beauty & wellness discovery and trial service.  We are emphasizing this to make sure we meet your expectations as some services are known to include several full size products and elaborate packaging.  We are different.  Goodbeing is not a box of full sized products, nor a grab bag stuffed to the brim with anything 'natural' we could find that month.  The mission of Goodbeing is to introduce you to pre-screened and tested, cleaner, more sustainable beauty & wellness products made by brands using the highest quality, most effective ingredients, chosen by experts in the beauty, wellness & green living fields. 

Each Goodbeing box will contain 4 to 5 trial sized, simply packaged, good products chosen with your profile in mind.  This means that while many products work for most people, some are more specific, and we'll work to include products more likely to work for your skin type, hair type, coloring and the like.  This does not mean that each member receives a 100% customized box only featuring the product types indicated on your profile.  When it comes to customization, here's what you can expect:

A.  Product Type Opt Outs & Exclusions:

1.  Beauty Box - For the Beauty and Lifestyle boxes, you may opt out of receiving makeup, nail products, beauty accessories, scents, general hygiene, oral care, hair products, herbal supplements and a few other categories of products.  All Beauty & Lifestyle Boxes may include Facial and Body Care.

2.  Wellness Box - For the Wellness Box, you may opt out of receiving feminine hygiene products, Sexual Health products Herbal Supplements. All Wellness Boxes may include basic Personal Care (basic cleansers/soaps, moisturizers, sunscreen, deodorant, oral care and the like) 

3.  Lifestyle Box - This is a combination box, featuring products from the Beauty and Wellness Boxes, plus Lifestyle products such as home goods, small personal accessories and apparel and sustainable living goods. You may opt out of makeup, nail care, scents, hair products, herbal supplements, feminine hygiene and sexual health products.

4.  Tween and Teen Boxes (ages 11-17) - These members fill out a profile that excludes product categories that may not be age appropriate, such as Sexual Health and Pregnancy and advanced Anti-Aging specific products. (Note: Some products may contain anti-aging benefits appropriate to general skin health and protection).  While we realize there may be exceptions, these products will not be shipped to those under the age of 18.

5.  Vegan considerations - While we do accommodate a preference for Vegan products, there is an exception.  Due to the difficulty in sourcing quality, high performance Vegan beauty products that are formulated with healthy, sustainable ingredients (and not just junk that happens to be Vegan), and our goal of keeping the product mix diverse while also customizing the product selections for each member, members choosing to receive Vegan products in their Member Profile may receive products that contain beeswax or other bee based ingredients. Products selected for Vegan members will not contain ingredients derived from milk, eggs, lanolin, cochineal beetles (Carmine), pearl, silk, animal by-products or any other non-vegan ingredients.

B.  Generalities:

1.  Choose a diverse selection to receive - We recommend that you choose a diverse selection of product types to receive.  Each member must choose at least 5 categories of products to receive, but discovery is fun! So, we recommend you select as many as you might possibly be interested in.

2.  Single Product Type Boxes Are Not Available - An "all make-up" or "all haircare" or similar all one product category box is not a possibility.

3.  Products in all boxes - All Goodbeing boxes will contain some type of facial and/or body care products.

     - Beauty Boxes - these will be more specialized (think serums, eye creams, masks, peels, scrubs and other specialty products

     - Wellness Boxes - these will be more basic (think soaps, basic moisturizers, salves and the like) These categories can't be excluded because this is the most prevalent type of product available with the most diversity and variety.  

     - Lifestyle Boxes - These may contain both specialized beauty and basic personal care products for face and body.

While the product types above can't be opted out of entirely, you may indicate a reduced interest in them in your Member Profile, so that when alternatives are available, we will do our best to reduce the number and frequency with which you receive these types of products.  Even if you don't think you want to receive Facial and Body Care products you just may find a new favorite or have something fabulous to share with a friend! We will do our best to customize these based on your unique skin type and concerns.


4. Makeup - Unless you choose not to receive it, most months, but not all, will have a color item (make-up), unless you choose not to receive makeup.

3. Product Mix -  We aim to keep boxes diverse.  Based on your profile, some will include hair care, fragrance, sun care, personal care, nail products, hygiene products, accessories, supplements, health & beauty related food or beverage items or sustainable living products, based on the box type selected and your Member Profile.  Our goal is to make sure you don't have two of the same product type in any box, and don't receive two of the exact same product types in two consecutive months.

5. Packaging - Sometimes you'll get a fancy little bottle, tube or pump, and sometimes you'll receive samples in simple jar or clamshell (still cute, but simple) packaging. Some are machine-made and some are hand made (we support small businesses!).  The Standard Box measures 7 x 5 x 2, to give you an idea of scale.

6.  Product Sizes - Product sizes vary month to month, and member to member, depending on what is best suited to their profile from the products available that month. Most boxes will contain 1 full size or larger (higher value) travel size item, 2 medium travel size products, a deluxe Sample and a smaller, standard sized sample. This configuration will change month to month, with some months featuring 4 items of higher value or size in lieu of a 5th item, and other months, more mid sized items in lieu of a full size.At least 4 of the products will provide multiple uses, to give you a good sense for skin compatibility, performance, scent, how it applies and the like.  

7.  Box Values - This service is $18.00-$21.00 a month, depending on which plan you chose. We'd like to emphasize service aspect - a way to discover and try pre-screened, healthier beauty products, some natural wellness products and occasional sustainable living / lifestyle products.  It's not a product discount box. While some boxes may have a total "retail" value substantially higher than $18.00-$21.00, on average, boxes will be valued at no less than $35.00, with a median range of $35-$55.  When it comes to "value", we hope you take into account the value of free shipping (consider what you'd pay to order samples separately from several brands), expert product screening, testing, curation, customization and the ability to choose 1-2 of the items you receive each month, that makes the true value significantly higher than the face, retail value of each individual product.

8.  Boxes Vary Member to Member - Member Profiles help us source and select products to suit your interests, skin type, hair type, color preferences, wellness concerns, dietary or other considerations, however, we are unable to keep all product types on hand at all times to provide each member with a unique box exactly reflecting their product interests, thus, the product types available each month will limit customization to some degree.

We do our best to customize based on your preferences and most of the products should be suitable to you. For example, if there’s a choice between a skincare product and makeup product from our pool of products in a given month, and your profile rates skincare higher, that’s what you will get. If we have three cleansers available one month, one for dry, oily and sensitive and your profile indicates you have oily skin, that’s the one you will get.  Bottom line?  Some boxes may contain products types you have not specifically indicated an interest in, but discovery is fun and if it's not for you, share it with a friend! Sharing & discovery is so much more fun than disappointment!


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