What are your standards for the products included in each Goodbeing box?


Goodbeing only works with thoroughly evaluated, mission based brands committed to cleaner, healthier, more sustainable products.  Each product is evaluated according to criteria established by experts we trust and our personal research, use & assessment of each item.  In addition to these, each month, your Goodbeing box contains products tested, examined and loved by our Guest Experts, from professional make-up artists to sought after aestheticians; celebrity nutritionists to holistic health practitioners, book authors to green beauty writers, and well regarded sustainable living gurus – these people know their goods. All told, we research and review all available information on ingredients, animal welfare, social and environmental practices to make sure they’re on the up and up.  Some brands score higher in certain areas than others, and some may not be wholly committed, but are on the path to being the best they can be, making improvements along the way.  We support this and hope showing love for better products will help them make more positive changes.  In case you’d like to see for yourself, these are some of the resources we turn to when evaluating products.

EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database
Good Guide
Campaign for Safe Cosmetics
No More Dirty Looks
Fig & Sage

Not all databases and third party scoring sites tell the whole story, and opinions and even research can differ, so we evaluate each product on a case by case basis, product by product.  These resources also may not always agree with one another, and occasionally, we may reach a different conclusion, so we take the information available and make a judgment call.  We set the bar pretty high, but of course, the final judgment call on whether a product is good enough for you…is up to you.

We’re always open to feedback and new resources to look at to make sure the products we introduce you to are living up to your standards, revising our own criteria along the way as new information surfaces.  Through our product surveys, you have a direct line to each brand we include to share your feedback directly with them as well, which believe it or not, does influence how they do business.  At the end of the day, we want to make it easier, and quite frankly, fun, to find good brands, doing good business, making good products, from good ingredients, so you can have a good time using them, look good and feel good about doing it. Anything we can do to make this whole process better, we’re all for it.

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