Can I put my account on Hold?



You may request a 1, 2 or 3-month HOLD on your Monthly shipment by logging in to your Member Dashboard and navigating to Manage Membership. Keep in mind that similar to cancelation deadlines (the 1st of the billing month), a HOLD must also be processed prior to the 1st of the billing month to go into effect for that shipment.  Holds are measured from the last billed box and are applied in 1, 2 or 3-month increments. 

A current box (for which dues have been processed) cannot be skipped with a hold.  A hold is intended to put off future billings and shipments by the period requested.  The last box paid for will still ship when a HOLD has been submitted. Thereafter, the account will not be billed or shipped to for the number of months selected on the HOLD.  When the HOLD period passes, the account will automatically resume billing and shipping.

Multi-Month memberships can only be put on hold when they are up for renewal and a payment has not yet been processed for the renewal. Once processed, the full number of boxes will be delivered once per month until the renewal date arrives again. At that point, the HOLD will delay billing by the number of months selected (1, 2 or 3 months). Once this HOLD period has passed, the account will automatically resume billing and shipping. Gift Memberships cannot be placed on HOLD.

See examples below:

Example: If a monthly membership is put on a 3 Month HOLD on February 4th, the March box dues will be processed and that box will ship. Thereafter, the plan will be on hold for the number of months selected.   After the hold expires, the account will automatically resume billing and shipping. In this example, billing would resume on June 2nd (skipping March, April, and May billing months and the corresponding boxes) and the July box would ship at the end of June.

If you have a Pre-Paid, Multi Month Regular Membership, due for renewal on July 2nd, a HOLD request submitted in February, will go into effect once the full number of boxes on the plan have been shipped. When the renewal date of July 2nd comes around, it will not be billed again for the HOLD period selected. Thereafter, the account will resume a normal billing and shipping schedule.  In this instance, the account would resume billing and shipping in October.  A Hold on a Pre-Paid Plan will not pause shipments once the plan has renewed.

GIFT MEMBERSHIPS: Gift Memberships cannot be put on hold. 

This chart sets forth the HOLD deadline for all Regular Memberships to skip the next delivery.  If a HOLD is placed after this deadline, it will apply to the next billing and shipping period.

Hold Deadline   Next Dues / Box to ship


1/2 / January Box


2/2 / February Box


3/2  / April Box


4/2 / May Box


5/2 / June Box


6/2 / July Box


7/2 / August Box


8/2 /September Box


9/2 / October Box


10/2 / November Box


11/2 / December Box


12/2 / January Box

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