How long will it take my Goodbeing box arrive after receiving a shipping notification / tracking email?

You will receive a tracking email, but keep in mind that often, labels are printed well in advance of when the box actually leaves us to allow us to pack and customize each box.  In some case, the ship date may be a full week before the box actually departs our shipping facility in Tennessee, which may make it appear that your box is lost in transit.  It most likely is not.
Barring weather related or other shipper caused delays, you can expect to receive your shipment within 3-10 business days after it leaves us.  Please note that boxes being shipped to rural areas or destinations further from Tennessee location may take longer to arrive.
General timelines are as follows:
7-10* days if you're on the West Coast
2-5* days if you're in the Midwest
4-7* days if you're on the East Coast
*Up to 12 business days for some rural or hard to access addresses.  Expect a transit time of 14 days if you live in Hawaii or Alaska.
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