My package says it was delivered, but I do not have it.


Goodbeing shipments are transported via DHL, UPS or Fed Ex, with final delivery to your destination via the US Postal Service (USPS).  When joining Goodbeing, you accept the terms of shipment and carrier. Once a package leaves us and is in possession of the shipper, it is out of our control and either due to an error by USPS or theft of the package. It is the responsibility of the recipient to ensure that a secure delivery location is used to receive your packages from Goodbeing. If your box tracking details say the package has been delivered but you do not have it, take these steps:

 - Be sure your address is accurate and up to date BEFORE your package is shipped (by the 15th of the    shipping month) and your delivery location is secure.

- If you live in a multi-unit complex, check with neighbors and any front office.

- In any residential area, check with neighbors to see if they have received your box in error.

- Contact your local post office with you tracking number, advising them of the issue.

- Speak with your carrier(s) to see if they have further details. At times, a package will be marked as delivered days before actual delivery occurs due to a scanning error.

- Wait 7-10 days after it is marked "Delivered" to see if the package is located (they often turn up).

- If the package is not located (or it's located but after it was marked "Delivered", file a formal complaint  with your local Post Office and share a copy with us.

- If you believe the package was stolen, advise the local postal office and file a report with your local police  department, as you would with any other instance of theft.

 - Advise us of the issue and what steps have been taken - we will see what we can do to help locate the  package.

If the package has been stolen, Goodbeing is not responsible for providing a replacement.  Where supplies allow, we can often ship a replacement package for a reduced cost of $12.00.  We do understand that individual circumstances vary, so please contact us if you have further questions.

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