Shipping Method


By shopping on, either by joining as a member or by purchasing a single box or product, you hereby accept any method of shipping we use, which may include USPS, DHL, UPS or FedEx and understand that once a product is handed off to the shipping service, the product is no longer in our control or are we responsible should the product fail to be delivered.  In many instances, we will be able to replace a package lost or damaged to the point of non-usability by the shipping carrier, however, as we have no control over the address provided for delivery, the security of the delivery location, or the actions or accuracy of the carrier making the delivery, if a package is marked as "Delivered" by the shipping service, Goodbeing is under no obligatin to replace the package it if can not be located by the customer. Check our FAQ about what to do if a package says Delivered and you don't have it.

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