I ordered a box to be shipped internationally and I have not received it. What now?

1.  Lost boxes - If your box was lost by the carrier, we can file a claim and ship a replacement.  Please email us (contact page link) with your account details
2.  Damaged boxes - If your box arrives visibly damaged, do not open it.  Please take a photo and email us (link to contact page link ) us the photo, along with the delivery date and any other relevant details so we will can file a claim with the delivery company to allow us to ship a replacement.  Please be advised it may take 30-45 days to receive your replacement.
3.  Boxes marked as "Delivered" however recipient claims they have not receive it - As a member, you have agreed to the terms of membership, which includes our choice of delivery service, which may be via USPS, DHL, UPS or Federal Express. In this instance, because the package has been marked as Delivered, and we have no control over the security of the delivery location or the delivery and the high cost of shipping, we are unable to replace the package free of charge.  International members will be able to request a replacement box at a reduced rate (base on their plan or box purchased, the price for which will be provided at the time customer service is contacted)
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