What if one of my items is broken, melted, or otherwise imperfect?


As a “trial and discovery service, our goal is to give you the opportunity to discover and test out a pre-screened selection of healthy beauty and natural wellness products in the convenience of your home before you buy. Every so often (really, not often), a product may arrive in a less than pristine state.  Melting, breaking and other mishaps can happen in transit.  If your items arrive in less than perfect condition... think hard about whether it's really unusable.  It's not the end of the world and it's usually pretty easy to address. 99% of the time, it's still usable. It's kind of like organic produce - it doesn't always look as good as it's conventionally grown counterparts, but it's probably better tasting and better for you. Crumbled box? Somewhat squashed tube? Lid slightly ajar but product intact? Odd printing? Broken lipstick, melted product or leaking bottle?  Everything we ship is new and unused and in good condition when it leaves us.   The transportation of our boxes from point A to point B is not always a gentle one though.  Keep in mind as well, that in some instances, packaging is not always the exact same as the retail version (no outer box, new labels, etc).

Given the nature of the service and the low price members pay to test out products, we do not guarantee that your samples will arrive to you in perfect condition.  They are not a retail purchase, after all, and thus not treated as such.  Unless a product is completely unusable, we do not replace products that arrive in less than perfect condition where there is a fix available to allow you to still test the product.  Some examples are:

  1.  Here's how to fix a broken pressed cosmetic (eyeshadow, powder, etc)
  2.  Here's how to fix a broken lipstick
  3.  Here's how to fix a melted lipstick or tube lip balm
  4.  Melted body balm or salve - If it's in a jar, pop it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours on a level surface.  In a squeeze tube, place it on it's side in the refrigerator.
  5.  Pump does not work - Just take the lid off and pour or shake the product out. We realize it may not be perfect, but you should still be able to access the product itself to test it out. Let us know about these as where it's possibly a packaging defect, we can at times reship the broken component.

Where a package is defective making the product inaccessible or where you are unable to use it in a manner that affects it's true performance, for example, a mascara or lip gloss tube with a broken wand, a spray bottle for a fine liquid that is supposed to applied in a mist that won't spray, or a product has completely or nearly completely leaked out of it's original container due to a loose lid or completely broken bottle, jar or tube, we will reship a replacement.  The replacement may either be shipped separately or in your next box.  

To receive a replacement in these circumstances, the following is required:
1.  Notice via email to us at contact@joingoodbeing.com or via our Customer Service Tickets here within 7 days of receiving the item and
2.  A  photo of the damaged item when you emailed to us.


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