Good Rewards


The Good Rewards Program is currently on hold while a new Marketplace is established.  All accrued points and rewards will be saved and made available for use when the new Marketplace is available and a new and improved Rewards Program implemented.

What is the Good Rewards Program?
The Good Rewards Program rewards you for purchasing the products in the Goodbeing Marketplace. When it comes to shopping for clean beauty & natural wellness, we want you to have the best options. Our goal is to make it easy and rewarding for you to find products you love.  For each dollar you spend in the Goodbeing Marketplace, you earn rewards! 

How do I join Good Rewards?
Customers with Marketplace accounts are automatically enrolled. Be sure to create a Marketplace account during checkout on your next purchase.  This is separate from a Goodbeing Membership account.

How do I earn Good Points?
Earn 1 Good Point for every $1 you spend in the Marketplace (Memberships not included, Marketpalce sales only, excluding any shipping fees, taxes and discounts applied.

How do I check my balance and redeem rewards?
Log in to your Goodbeing Marketplace account and go to the Redeem Rewards Page which can be accessed through the Rewards Widget located at the bottom of the store. Note - If you are a Goodbeing Member, this account is separate from your Goodbeing Membership.  

How do I use my rewards?
Rewards are issued as coupon codes that can be applied on the payment page during Marketplace checkout (only one coupon code per order).  No minimum purchase is required.  No cash back.  If a Reward is larger than the purchase price, it will be applied in full for a $0 transaction and excess value will be counted as fully redeemed.  Only one reward will be redeemable in a single transaction

    1. 200 PTS = $5 store credit (minimum that can be redeemed)
    2. 400 PTS = $10 store credit
    3. 600 PTS = $15 store credit
    4. 800 PTS = $20 store credit
    5. 1000 PTS = $25 store credit
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