Goodbeing Reward Program

Goodbeing has officially launched a rewards program for our members! 

What do you need to know?
When you join Goodbeing as a Member, you are automatically enrolled. You can view your rewards under the Rewards Program tab when you log in to your Member Dashboard. (The button is on the bottom left hand corner.)
How do I earn points?
Earning points is easy! Each month, you automatically earn points redeemable for bonus products in future boxes. The longer you're a member, the more points you earn. Use your points as you earn them or save them for a bigger reward. 
  • After three months, you can redeem points to receive a bonus deluxe sample in your fourth box, or save them for a larger reward.
  • After six months, you can redeem points for a bonus travel size product in your seventh box, or save them for a larger reward.
  • After nine months, you can redeem points for a bonus full size product in your tenth box.
Here's what you'll see when you click the Rewards tab:
  1. To see your point balance & recent activity, click Activity
  2. To see options for earning points, click Earn Points
  3. To redeem points for rewards, click Spend Points
Can I refer my friends & family?
You bet! Sign into your Goodbeing Rewards dashboard and click the Earn Points box to gain access to a unique link to share with friends and family. If you refer 3 people, you'll earn a free month for yourself or to gift to someone else.  
Is there anything else? 
We will occasionally add extra points (like on your birthday!) to your account. Keep your eyes peeled for other ways to earn points as we roll this out. P.S. don't want to be involved? You can unsubscribe from the program by navigating to Profile on your Goodbeing Rewards dashboard and clicking Cancel Reward Membership.  Note - this only removes you from the Rewards Program and does not affect your Goodbeing membership.

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